Get Hired Faster Toolkit: 

Unleashing Success in Your Job Search.

1. Job Search Skills Training over 100+ minutes of video lessons.

2. Job Search Plan Workbook - includes over 9 templates  & 7 checklists.

3. 50+ ATS Screened Resumes in Word so you just have to cut and paste.

4. 50+ Communication emails for every job search situation.

5. Free Expert Review of your Linkedin Profile & your Resume.

6. Lifetime access to

All this at a Limited time Special Launch Price of just INR1,750/- only.

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The Ultimate Job Search Course

Over 100 + minutes of job search skills learning content.

Delivered by a former global CHRO with extensive recruitment  experience.

Includes strategies on branding & presenting yourself online & offline.

Insider secrets that ensure your success in your job search!

50 + ATS Screened Resume word Templates

Handpicked by Recruitment Experts.

Easy To Use Word Format.

Expertly designed for compatibility.

Optimised for maximum impact.

Professional & effective emails for different job search situations.

Pre-written email templates designed to assist.

Carefully crafted to convey your message effectively.

Easy to customize them to your specific situation.

50+ Ready-to-use 

job  search emails

Expert Review of your Linkedin Profile & your Resume

Recruitment Experts review your LinkedIn Profile & Resume.

Get a Comprehensive Review Report.

Get personalised insights & actionable suggestions.

Use feedback to align your profile to industry requirements.

Summary of what is included :


Learn Job Search Skills 

A comprehensive training program designed to equip you with the insider knowledge & essential skills that will set you apart from the crowd in your job search. You'll dive deep into the secrets shared by recruiters, gaining valuable insights into their mindset & understanding what they look for in candidates.  The SOAR Methodology  a proven framework that will guide you in developing a clear & actionable plan for finding your next job.


High Impact Job Search Plan  Workbook

Packed with a comprehensive collection of tools, templates, & expert guidance, this workbook is designed to make your job search a breeze. By working through the exercises, reflecting on your goals, & utilizing the provided tools, you'll gain the confidence, clarity, & competitive edge needed to stand out in today's competitive job market. Take control of your job search & unlock new opportunities


50+ ATS Screened Resume Templates in  Word

Handpicked by experts these 50 ATS-screened resume WORD templates simplify the resume creation process, improve ATS compatibility, saves you time, & boosts the overall quality of job seekers' resumes. These templates are optimised for Applicant Tracking Systems, increasing the chances of your resume passing the initial screenings. Get a expert designed resume without any additonal cost!


50+ Ready-To-Use Job Search Emails

Crafting personalized emails for each job application or networking contact can be time-consuming. With ready-to-use email drafts, you can save time by leveraging pre-written templates tailored for different scenarios, such as sending cover letters, following up after interviews, or reaching out for informational interviews. You can adapt & customize these templates to suit your specific needs & circumstances. 


Free Expert Review of your Linkedin Profile & your Resume

Benefit from the insights & expertise of industry professionals who will carefully evaluate your LinkedIn profile & Resume. They will provide constructive feedback, suggestions to enhance the overall effectiveness & impact of your personal branding materials. You will receive a review report & professional guidance without any financial investment.


Lifetime access to 

With lifetime access, you gain unlimited & unrestricted access to a wealth of career resources, including job search guides, interview tips, resume templates, networking strategies, and much more. These resources cater to various career stages & can support you in every aspect of your professional development. 

Job Search Skills Training

4 Step Process

21 Lectures

2hrs & 13mins Duration

                         Session Duration
Introduction to the SOAR Methodology
6 mins
Step 1 - Visualize Your Story
  1. Identifying your strengths.
  2. How to pick the most suited career & job role for you.
  3. Making your perfect resume & impressing the hell out of recruiters.
  4. Blowing their minds with your awesome elevator pitch.
26 mins

Step 2 - Visualize The Opportunities
  1. Learn to target companies to boost your career trajectory.
  2. Discovering the Hidden job market & how to tap in on it.
  3. Decode sources of Recruitment in Companies.
  4. Create your online brand & attract recruiters.
34 mins
Step 3 - Amplify Your Aspirations
  1. Initiating a job search through your connections.
  2. Create your personalized Google Job Alert.
  3. How to connect with anyone online.
  4. Boost your LinkedIn Profile & dazzle hiring managers.
26 mins

Step 4 - Focus on the Results
  1. The unwritten follow-up rules to follow during a job search.
  2. 7 Interview skills that will help you stand out from the pack.
  3. How to prepare for your Job Interview.
  4. How to stay motivated during your job.
41 mins

Training Delivered by: 

Dr. Gaurav Hirey 

Former Global HR Head / Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition Expert / 

Chief Coach JobBoosts

With over 20 years of experience in recruitment and human resources, Dr. Hirey has lived and worked in three different countries and recruited thousands of people across 33 countries. 

He's not just any HR professional, he's an award-winning former Global HR Head and the Founder of three successful start-ups. Dr. Hirey's experience in the industry has given him the insights and expertise to help job seekers stand out in a crowded job market and achieve their career goals. 

As the Chief Coach at Job Boosts, Dr. Gee as he likes to be called is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential and succeed in their careers. Whether you need help navigating the job search process or want to take your career to the next level, Dr. Gee is the coach you need on your side.








"I recently completed a job search training and I was blown away by the quality of the content and instruction. Overall, I feel more confident and equipped in my job search thanks to this course. Highly recommend to anyone looking to boost their career development."

Gohar Iqbal - Calcutta

"The job search training I completed had excellent content, an expert instructor, and provided helpful instructions. The workbooks were especially valuable and well-structured. Overall, a fantastic investment in my career development!"

Mahalaxmi M - Mumbai

"This job search kit deserves 5 stars! The information was valuable, explanations were clear, delivery was engaging, practice activities were helpful, course description was accurate, and the instructor was knowledgeable."

Amber Raine – Singapore

"Good course.  Clear, concise, useful Tips. Learned that using Numbers in every Bullet is very important among other tips."

Arun Sundar - Hyderabad

"This job search kit exceeded my expectations! The content was incredibly valuable and the instructor delivered it with clear explanations, engaging delivery, and helpful practice activities. I loved the resume templates & the email drafts are super helpful, I feel much more confident in my job search thanks to this course."

Karthikeyan Krishnan - Bengaluru

"The Kit provided clear and precise information, and the instructor had amazing teaching and content delivery skills. The valuable information, engaging delivery, and helpful practice activities made the learning experience enjoyable. Overall, a great learning experience!"

Ganesh S - Bhopal

"This Job Search Mastery kit is a must for first-timers like me. The step-by-step workbook was easy to follow, and the explanations were clear. I appreciated the practical activities, which made the learning process engaging. Overall, I feel more confident & more prepared for my job search. Highly recommend!"

Jeenal Shah - Mumbai

"Excellent job search course with valuable information, clear explanations, engaging delivery, and helpful practice activities. The instructor was knowledgeable and the course description was accurate. Highly recommend!"

Daniel Taddele – UK

"Recently purchased the Job Search Mastery kit 2 weeks ago & i already got a job offer! This kit was fantastic! The knowledgeable instructor delivered engaging content, the information was extremely valuable. The resources were so impactful! Highly recommend it for career development! Thank you JobBoosts!!"

Shakshi Grover  - Delhi


Course Value is INR 35,000/- but get it @ a Special Launch Price with 90% Discount

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  • 100+ Minutes of Job Search Training content. (Value - INR 10,000/-) 
  • High Impact Job Search Plan Workbook. (Value - INR 5,000/-)  
  • 50 ATS Screened Pre-Designed Word Resume Templates. (Value - INR 4,000/-)  
  • 50 Ready-to-Use Email Drafts for your job search. (Value - INR 2,500/-)
  • Free Expert Review Report of Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile. (Value - INR 6,000/-)  
  • Platform Access (Value - INR 7,500/-)

Total Value INR 35,000/- buy @ INR 3,499/- only & also get additional discounts!

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