5 Tips to Write an Impactful Resume

Mon Apr 17, 2023

Resumes are your first impression in front of a recruiter and as a candidate, you should make sure they are impactful. Studies by The Ladders state that recruiters and hiring managers spend less than 6 seconds scanning a resume.

I am Tanvi Shah, a Coach and a facilitator at Job Boosts. With an aim and expertise in creating and developing interesting and useful content in all forms, I can tell you in my experience that an impactful resume gets you noticed faster.

Here is something you should know before we get to it. Recruiters look for details regarding accomplishments and experiences you can bring to the job you are applying for. Now let’s look at the signs that tell you if you have a good resume in place.

1. A good resume gets you interviews
The best way to know if your resume is impactful is by looking at the number of job interviews it gets you. The main aim behind building an impactful resume is to get you invited for interviews. So, if you are getting invited for interviews, it’s a strong sign that your resume is working out for you. If not, focus on tailoring your resume according to the job descriptions put forward by the companies or the job roles that you are applying for. Add relevant keywords and emphasize your work experience to get better results.
2. Use numbers and data
Most candidates often mention the roles and responsibilities of their work experience. The best way to make your resume stand out is to include numbers, metrics and data along with the text. Adding data and numbers to your resume will demonstrate more authenticity to the role and responsibilities you have undertaken. Numbers and metrics are bound to catch the recruiter’s attention and give them another reason to spend more time on your resume. Focus on results and add authenticity to them by using data and numbers.
3. Make your resume scannable
Focus on a layout and make sure your resume can be easily read by the hiring manager. Refrain from using paragraphs without spacing. Put text that is important and use bullet points to emphasize. Make sure the bullets and information you mention on your resume is full of keywords. Refrain from using colors in your resume as it might come off as unprofessional. Often recruiters use an Applicant Tracking System or ATS to select from the pile of resumes received for a job opening. To pass this, your resume should be rich in keywords. The keywords are mentioned in the job description for the position you are applying for.
4. Customize your Resume
When you apply for a position, remember to customize your resume. Most candidates have a generic resume and it is another reason why they are not invited for an interview. Make sure you tailor your resume according to the requirements and responsibilities mentioned in the job description. This might look very difficult but it isn’t. If you read the job description carefully, it won’t take you that long. Remember hiring managers have a detailed idea of who they want to hire and your resume should match that to help you get noticed.
5. Edit and Proofread
Studies show that recruiters reject resumes because of inaccuracies in them. Make sure you double-check the facts you have mentioned along with spellings and grammar on your resume. You can ask your peers, family or friends to proofread your resume on your behalf. Be very careful of the fonts, alignment and spacing you use. Keep a standard 12 point font size and refrain from using multiple fonts throughout. An error-free resume increases your chances of getting noticed and is an important component for you to focus on.

Knowing if you have an impactful resume is essential and boosts your confidence. It is your first impression in front of a recruiter and you should do everything to make the opportunity count. Remember to customize your resume for every application you send. Make sure you add data, numbers and metrics to support the work you have done in the past. Remember to leave out some space and make the resume is scannable. Edit and proofread the document before sending it across. You can ask your peers, friends or family to help you in this step. Follow these tips next time you are placing an application and I am certain that you will get noticed. I can’t wait to hear your success stories. I wish you the best!

Sagar Patel

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